Beary Gummy Boozy Box

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These festive and fun gummy bears are a unique liquor candy with a tender chew and fabulous flavor profile sure to surprise and delight with every bite! Perfect for the dessert table at your next party or event, they offer a tangy taste sensation similar to the popular cocktail. Booze Bears will add a feisty flair to any celebration.

Flavors Include:
- Sour Gin & Tonic Gummy Bears (green & white bears)
- Sour Pina Colada Gummy Bears (yellow bears)
- Sparkling Rose Champagne Gummy Bears (peach bears)
- Sour Mojito Gummy Bears (green bears)
- Champagne Gummy Bears (champagne bears)
- Rose Champagne Gummy Bears (orange)

**Note: Non-Alcoholic


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