Lakrids Limited Edition Winter Collection Trio

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Limited Edition Winter 2019

Classic- Salt & Caramel Chocolate Coated Licorice: An all-time Christmas favorite, Classic, is a combination of soft licorice, silk smooth dulcet chocolate, crispy sea salt and a punch from raw licorice powder to tickle your taste buds. A winning combination of taste sensations.

Gold- Raspberry Chocolate Coated Licorice: edition perfectly combines the sweetness of white chocolate and the tartness of beautiful pink raspberries with delicious sweet licorice- all rolled in gold, to brighten this dark season.

Dark- Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Coated Licorice:Dark time calls for delicious and smooth dark chocolate, and Lakrids have found the best possible companions in soft sweet licorice and small flakes of sea salt.

Gluten free- made from gluten free rice flour.

Made in Denmark with premium ingredients.


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