Lakrids Variety Pack  (5pk)

Lakrids Variety Pack (5pk)


For the licorice lover, this delightful Lakrids variety pack makes the perfect gift.

No 1: A sweet licorice with a soft chewy texture, that has a nice balance of sweetness and a bold flavor.

No 2: When your lips close around a bite of this strong, salty liquorice, the potent Nordic taste explodes on your tongue, bringing up associations of the sea, tar, bonfire smoke and the scent of resin

No 3 : A sweet licorice with a soft chewy texture and fruity flavor. This red licorice is made with blackcurrant and dried cranberries, giving it a nice balance of sweetness and earthiness. The perfect way to convert those who say they don't like licorice!

No 4: Licorice combined with fresh chilli is a good example of how two natural forces can create a new taste sensation. We have imported Mexican habanero chilli and grow it locally so it is optimally fresh.

No 5: A spicy and salty licorice with a hint of cranberry. Lakrids has a soft chewy texture and a nice balance of sweet, salty, tart, and bold flavors
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  • This item is sensitive to heat and should not be in transit for more than 2 days, especially when shipping to a hot destination.

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