Mother F Day



For mothers who are pretty f--ing awesome, we have created a unique gift for moms with senses of humor (or just likes to use the F word). The basket includes a Blue Q oven mitt (because everything she makes is delicious!) To keep her organized and prim we have included a lined zip up pouch, ideal for organizing all her makeup or medication- we're not here to judge!

The F**K button will get her through those moments when she just want to throw her hands in the air and say "F**k It!" Now she can outsource it; press the button to hear at least eight different variations of that singular expression. The button should help her laugh away the frustration. A collection of mini books from author Sam Dixon is full of crabby quotations and irate outbursts -- just a little light reading for when she is feeling a little steamed.

When life makes her want to scream obscenities at the top of her lungs, this belligerent collection is the perfect way to wish her a Happy Mother's Day!

Gift Contents

Blue Q "This is fucking delicious" hand mitten
F**K This Shit book by Sam Dixon
F*uck This book by Sam Dixon
Dainty as Fuck lined zipper bag
The F**K Button
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