NYC Biscuit Tin

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There are many ways to capture the iconic imagery of New York City, but perhaps our favorite way to tell the story of this amazing city is through the art of ornately-iced cookies. Our friends at Biscuiteers have crafted the ultimate New York narrative with some of the city's most well-known staples: the welcoming Statue of LIberty, the sky-scraping Empire State Building, the ubiquitous yellow taxi, famous signage for Broadway and Times Square, and of course big apples, hot dogs, and American flags.

All of these symbols for America's storied city are thoughtfully assembled, securely affixed, and ingeniously nestled within a refined, stylized, NYC-themed tin that is perfect for holding special mementos long after the cookies are eaten. This collection is certain to wow from the moment it's unwrapped and until the last biscuit is devoured.

Inspired by a trip to New York and crafted in London, Biscuiteers is a female-founded boutique cookie cafe known for its elaborately iced confections. Presented with a distinctively British style and contained in jewel-box tins, each artful assortment of iconic imagery is piped atop precisely cut, twice-baked snappy chocolate cookie and makes for an unexpectedly elegant gift. Biscuiteers has developed a reputation for their beautifully hand-iced cookies, where whimsical depictions of tantalizing tropes are elegantly packaged to impress the fanciest connoisseur

The Tin measures 7 x 4.25 x 3"


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