Prestat Dark English Mint Crunch 71% Bars (3-Pack)

Prestat Dark English Mint Crunch 71% Bars (3-Pack)


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Heat Sensitive - sensitive to high temperature or summer perishable

Mint and chocolate are a refreshing natural combination. Each bar is 75g and each order contains 3 bars.
  • Ingredients: chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, demerara sugar, peppermint essential oil, soy lecithin (emulsifier), vanilla flavoring
  • Country of Origin: U.K.
  • Organic: NO
  • Kosher: NO
  • Vegetarian: YES
  • Vegan: NO
  • Allergy Information: may contain traces of: milk, tree-nuts, eggs, wheat
  • Net Weight: 3 x 2.65oz
    • This item is sensitive to heat and should not be in transit for more than 2 days, especially when shipping to a hot destination.

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