Putting Down Roots

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Heat Sensitive - sensitive to high temperature or summer perishable


When it comes to choosing a gift for a friend or family member's housewarming we have the perfect gift. Whether they've moved into their first home or simply switched to a new and improved apartment. They will appreciate receiving something that will help them settle in and put down the roots.

Beautiful English tea towel featuring vegetable images from Cavallini & Co. will become a piece of art in their kitchen. Made of 100% natural cotton. Packaged in a keepsake muslin bag. Molded deliciously from wax, the Artichoke Candle looks good enough to eat. A little over 2.5" tall this candle with make the perfect addition to a centerpiece.

We have included some edible treats as well with root vegetables. Mirabel Mixed Vegetable Root Chips made with a colorful mix of beets, carrots, sweet potatoes and cassava. Elements Truffles chocolate bar is infused with beetroot and garnished with freeze-dried Raspberries. Rich in antioxidants and essential minerals, beetroot helps boost the immune system. Verdant Kitchen's Bare Ginger delivers a warm, spicy and sweet sensation. Bare ginger combines texture with the aromatic, peppery flavors of Galangal.

Teapigs "Up Beet" tea is a blend of beets, spice and hibiscus which helps give will give them a boost to finish unpacking. It has a fruity and punchy taste.

Gift Contents

Verdant Kitchen Bare Ginger (4oz)
Elements Chocolate Bar
Mirabel Mixed Vegetable Root Chips
Teapigs "Up Beet" (15 temples)
Cavalini Dish Cloth (Size - 19" x 31.75")
Artichoke Shaped Candle
Lidded Wire Basket
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  • This item is sensitive to heat and if it's shipping to a warm destination that is more than 2 travel days away, we suggest using an expedited ship method.

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