World Tour of Chocolate

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This gift delivers all the best chocolates from around the world!

We begin our tour in the good old USA. We are proud to share with you some of the finest stateside chocolate goodies. Spoil your loved ones with a sampling of some of our country's top offerings.

Representing the East Coast are one New England and four New York brands, starting with Brooklyn's ever-popular Mast Brothers chocolate. Brooklyn also provides Fatty Sundays, a brand of chocolate covered pretzel rods, and Salt of the Earth's award winning chewy salted chocolate chip cookies. Not to be outdone by its outer borough cousins, we've also included Chelsea Market's oustanding Fat Witch Bakery brownies-- they're so good, we gave you two! Sink your teeth into an oversized Bacci PB cup for a nostalgic bite, made in small batches in Massachusetts.

We haven't forgotten the West Coast, of course. We've included two winners of The Outstanding Food Award: California's Holly Baking, which produces a crunchy chocolate cookie snack they've named Cookie Brittle, and Seattle's famous Salted Caramels made by Fran's Chocolate.

Then we move across the pond. Start your European journey with different varieties of truffles: a Jewel Box of England's finest Prestat Chocolate truffles and a signature box of assorted Leonidas Belgian truffles. Continuing on our chocolately Eurotrip, we move to confections, of which we've included: Mighty Fine chocolate covered Honeycomb, Broderick's Mini Bites, Summerdown Peppermint Creams, a Buttermilk fudge bar, and Island Bakery Chocolate Ginger cookies. For the true chocolate connoisseurs, we've provided a luxurious Comptoir de Cacao chocolate bar, handmade and beyond delectable.

These high-end chocolates will impress even your pickiest friends. With so many sweet treats to choose from, why not have them all? Send this sampler to any chocolate lover and you'll be raking in the thank you notes!

Gift Contents

Island Bakery Chocolate Gingers (150g)
Summerdown Mint Peppermint Creams
Broderick's Mini Bites (6 pieces)
Buttermilk Fudge
Leonidas 1/4lb
Prestat Mini 4pc Jewel Box
Comptoir de Cacao Bar
Mighty Fine Honeycomb Bar
Fat Witch large brownie (2 x 3oz)
Bacci Peanut Butter Cup (5.5oz)
Mast Brothers Chocolate Bar (2.5oz)
Fran's Salted Caramels (2.1oz)
Salt of the Earth Bakery Cookies
Fatty Sunday's Chocolate covered Pretzels
Holly Bakery Cookie Brittle
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  • This item is sensitive to heat and if it's shipping to a warm destination that is more than 2 travel days away, we suggest using an expedited ship method.

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