British Confections

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The Brits have a long history of creating delicious sweets. Our collection of English confections celebrates the treats being produced across the pond.

We start with Buttermilk Fudge, smooth morsels in assorted flavors that are sure to delight. Next is a Prestat Ruby Chocolate bar, an offering from the company who holds a royal warrant from the Queen herself. Mighty Fine Honeycomb Dips pair crunchy honeycomb candy with creamy chocolate for a decadent bite. Tregroes waffles- just place the waffle on top of your mug/cup after making your brew (no need for dunking) and after a few minutes the caramel will melt to an oozy goodness! Last but not least, Broderick's Slice candy bar combines different chocolates and fillings for perfectly balanced flavor and texture.

Impress any recipient with this gift, or keep it for yourself— we won't tell! With all these imported treats, you'd better get started snacking. Cheers!

Gift Contents

Prestat Ruby Chocolate Bar (85g)
Mighty Fine Honeycomb Dips (90g)
Buttermilk Smooth Assorted Fudge (150g)
Brodericks Slice (2 x 50g)
Tregroes Waffles (2pk)
Tregroes Chocolate Waffles (1pk)
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