Kosher Sweets Basket

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Perishable - item should not be in transit for more than 2 days


Delight them with this overflowing Kosher collection. They'll receive a tower of fruit pattern boxes brimming with traditional Kosher snacks that have been elevated to a new level. Treat them to four crisp apples, half a pound of New York Rugelach, Savannah Bee Kosher Tupelo Honey, Bazzini's Pistachios, Eli's Raisin Pecan Crisps, Tishbi wine jam from Israel, Bequet Kosher caramels, and our signature CMB mini chocolate squares. The whole family can indulge!

Makes a perfect gift for a family or the hostess. This gift is appropriate for those who keep Kosher, but is a lovely choice for any occasion or recipient!

(Cutting board not included.)

Gift Contents

Fresh Apples (4)
Savannah Bee Kosher Tupelo Honey (3oz)
New York Rugelach (8oz)
Bazzini Pistachios
Eli's Pecan Raisin Crisps
Tishbi Wine Jam
Bequet Caramels (6pc)
CMB Mini Chocolate Squares (5pc)
Fruit Pattern Boxes (2)
*Please note that we reserve the right to substitute a product of equal or greater value.


  • This item contains fresh fruit and therefore, due to state law, can not be shipped to California.
  • This item contains perishable products that should not be in transit for more than 2 days.

Producers Represented:

Manhattan Fruit Exchange
Bequet Caramels