Belazu Ve-Du-Ya Vegan 'Nduja 170g

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This is a vegan paste that is made from Calabrian chilies and sweet peppers. It does taste like pepperoni but contains no animal products, and it has some heat but is not super hot.

Ways to use this product:
- mix with pasta
- as a pizza topping
- as a spread for sandwiches

Belazu developed this product to help a pizzeria make vegan pizza, so they describe it as "ALL SPICE, NO Sausage."

Ingredient Info

  • Ingredients: Rehydrated Turkish sun-dried tomatoes (38%), grilled peppers (22%), sunflower oil, tomato paste, pomegranite molasses, lemon juice, grape vinegar, garlic puree, salt, dired onions, dried mixed herbs and spices.


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