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We discovered this delicious babka in a coffee shop in Jersey City, close to our warehouse and just across the river from Manhattan This old-world sweet bread is the creation of a Jersey City couple, Michal and her husband Grant, who re-discovered baking for their family during the quarantine. They then decided to employ their unemployed housekeeper, Carmen, and another housekeeper to bake babkas on a commercial-scale so they could share them with the local community. Needless to say, sales took off and they now offer their baked goods to various locations throughout the NYC area.

Michal's husband Grant had a passion for baking and during quarantine, he was baking challah and babkas and they were giving them to friends. When Michal found out Carmen needed help, she decided to learn how to bake with her husband and sell their baked goods. Babka Bailout was born.

The babkas have become such a hit that Michal and her family now bake weekly to keep up with the demand and most importantly, are able to provide Carmen with a stable income.

A babka is a sweet braided bread similar to challah which originated in the Jewish communities of Poland and Ukraine. It is popular in Israel and in the Jewish diaspora. It is prepared with a yeast-leavened dough that is rolled out and spread with a filling such as chocolate, cinnamon, fruit, or cheese, then rolled up and braided before baking.

This gift includes one sweet (Chocolate- Nutella) and one savory (Zahter, the herb not the spice zaatar, feta and mozzarella.) flavor.

Gift Contents

Zahter Babka
Chocolate (nutella) Babka
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Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon May 31, 2021
I've tried both the sweet and savory Babka's and they're both amazing! I knew I would like the cinnamon but was really surprised that I also like the savory feta and mozzarella as well. The softness and freshness and the texture of the bread is unparalleled; unlike anything I've tried before and even better than Challah. I'm a pretty touch critic when it come to bakery products but I can honestly rate these Babka's a 10++ out of 10!!!