Chelsea Market Bounty Traveler

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Chelsea Market is celebrated for being an emporium of Manhattan's food culture. This gift captures the flavors and tastes of our home in an impressive tower of three beautiful hemp baskets. This is an exorbitant gift to send to a well-deserving office or home.

To warm their hearts, we've included a number of featured sweets: a pound of hand-rolled New York Rugelach, a half-pound of Bequet Caramels, a pound of Belgian Leonidas Chocolates, two different treats from Shortbread House of Edinburgh, pecan caramel cookies from Van Strien, lemon cookies from Island Bakery, lauded Summerdown Peppermint Creams, a whole Grandma's Coffee Cake, delicious Halva from Seed & Mill, and a jar of our house brand Lemon Curd and Mango Chutney. For a crispy, fruity kick, we have also added dried apple and orange slices from California.

For some serious nourishment, the savory items of our abundant basket will spoil them rotten! Three varieties of roasted nuts from Fastachi, The Foods of Athenry Gourmet Sodabread Toasts and Belazu Black Olive Tapenade to top it off.

Decorated and carefully packed, this gift is perfect for extending your well wishes to the fortunate recipients.

Gift Contents

Leonidas Chocolate (1/2lb)
Erica's Rugelach 1lb
Van Strien Dutch Pecan Caramel Cookies (120g)
California Dried Fruit Crisps (x2)
Summerdown Mint Creams (7.05oz)
Fastachi Cranberry Nut Mix (6oz)
Fastachi Pistachios (7oz)
Fastachi Cashews (6oz)
Shortbread House of Edinburgh's Oaties (5.3oz)
Island Bakery Lemon Melts (150g)
Shortbread Mini Shortbread Box (150g)
My Grandma's Coffee Cake (1.75lb)
The Foods of Athenry Toasts
Seed + Mill Halva (8oz)
Belazu Black Olive Tapenade (6oz)
Bequest Caramels (1/2lb)
CMB Sweet Jam (4oz)
CMB Chutney (4oz)
Three Lidded Willow Hampers with Closure Straps

Finished Gift Dimension: 17 x 13 x 18.5"
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Producers Represented:

Shortbread House

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