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Released in late 2023, the Global Pantry Cookbook was written by two James Beard-Award winners and highlights how 65 international pantry ingredients can elevate cooking through 120 easy-to-follow, globally-accented recipes. The pantry ingredients-while staples in other regions-can be difficult to find.

Chelsea Market Baskets have brought together a Global Pantry inspired gift that features 7 regionally diverse ingredients highlighted in the cookbook. As an importer and purveyor of the unique and the delicious, we stand by the high quality of the brands offered. As a bonus, you can also get this gift with the cookbook included, or without the book. Perfect for anyone with a curious palette or a sense of wanderlust! A great gift for a new kitchen and home, a person who loves food and likes to dabble in the kitchen or a budding chef. Packed and ribboned in our global world map boxes.

The items in the gift include:

Preserved Lemons (Egypt/England) We import the Belazu line, and include their preserved lemons which are a "Beldi" lemon, smaller, thin skinned, and are a very versatile ingredient that is popular in North African foods and with Greek and Middle Eastern foods and becoming more popular in North America. Think of them as a pickled lemon with salty and strong acidic lemony notes.

Rose Harissa (England) Also imported from Belazu and originally from Tunisia, a paste that encompasses a hot, savory and in this case, fragrant components. Yotam Ottolenghi, an English Chef and Cookbook Author is a fan of this one in particular which is very versatile and called for in many of his recipes in several of his books.

Suiji-Mirin (Japan) A cooking wine from Japan, brewed from rice and koji, with a sweet, rich and savory flavors, great to add to a marinade or for a dipping sauce for grilled or fried foods, can be nicely combined with yuzu juice.

Corn Grits (South Carolina) A very southern American food that is not common outside of the south and as well good grits can be surprisingly hard to find in Manhattan. Related to polenta and cornmeal but milled in a way that produces a supple starch that has a starring role in all the variations of shrimp and grits. This brand from Marsh Hen Mills in Edisto Island is a CMB company favorite.

Yuzu Juice (Japan) An import from Japan, Yuzu is a citrus fruit not easily cultivated with a shorter shelf life once harvested, that has a tart, somewhat akin to grapefruit flavor. Can be used in place of other citrus for stronger and more exotic flavor notes. Great for mixed drinks as well.

Za'atar (Palestine) A spice blend from the middle east, and often includes thyme or a relation of Thyme along with a bit of sesame and salt. Ours is from our friends at Burlap and Barrel who import this product proudly from Palatine and is versatile and often encountered with bread, sometimes dipped in labneh and olive and graced with Za'atar.

Smoked Paprika (Spain) A common spice in an American kitchen but often less distinguished than it's inspiration from Hungary or in this case Spain, where "pimenton peppers" as they are called, are smoked and have a strong and sweet distinctive flavor that is also nuanced and enhanced with a bit smokiness. Although it looks similar to ordinary paprika, this has a much more alluring flavor.

Gift Contents

Belazu Preserved Lemons 360g
Belazu Rose Harissa 130g
La Dalia Pimenton De La Vera 2.4oz
Burlap and Barrel Zatar 45g
WA Imports Yuzu Juice 180mL
Marsh Hen Grits in Burlap Bag 0.5lbs
WA Imports Suiji-Mirin 300mL
The Global Pantry Cookbook by Ann Taylor Pittman and Scott Mowbray
Set of 2 Decorative Boxes
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Producers Represented:

Burlap & Barrel
Belazu Ingredients Co