Hell's Kitchen Hot Sauce Sampler

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This sampler comes from a hot sauce born in Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. They create a great line of hot sauces that have a nice balance between flavor and heat. This set contains 3 sauces that show the range of their sauces.

Retro Jalapeno is a smooth blend of jalapeno, Tomatillo, and roasted garlic. Mild

Westside Red - Louisiana Meets Sriracha by way of NYC! Adding Red Raspberries gives a tasty tang that will leave you wanting more! Medium

Habanero Mango Salvation - their flagship sauce with Mango, Garlic, Honey, and Citrusy Orange Habaneros. The perfect balance of heat and flavor! Hot!

This set is a nice way to show that the people of NYC know about hot sauces.

Ingredient Info

  • Ingredients: Coffee, Chicory, Spices
  • Country of Origin: Brooklyn, NY, USA


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