Notable Noshables Traveler

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For this non-perishable version of our Notable Noshables, we have simply substituted all perishable items with premium non-perishable items, making this a perfect selection for shipping destinations. This stylish gift is packed full with delicacies. It looks spectacular before the noshing begins and will leave a crowd totally satisfied.

We've included our favorites including New York Rugelach, freshly baked and hand-rolled, and a whole My Grandma's Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake, which is quite hard to resist! In addition, savory snackers will be engaged by Fastachi hand roasted nuts, Accidental Baker crackers, our own CMB chili jam, Spice Prince snack mix, trail mix from Outbox, and Tregroes savory crackers.

To finish the noshing, we've included a presentation box filled with our favorite pieces of Leonidas Belgian Chocolate, Bequet Caramels, and Shortbread House of Edinburgh's Shortbread Fingers. A bag of premium La Colombe coffee will help all the snacks be washed down.

A scrumptious feast for up to ten people, you can't go wrong sending a nosh! (serveware not included)

Gift Contents

New York Rugelach (.5 lb)
My Grandma's Coffee Cake
Cashews (8oz)
Dried Fruit
Leonidas Presentation Box
Shortbread House Shortbread (6oz)
Bequet Caramels (.5lb)
CMB Savory Chili Jam (4oz)
Spice & Prince Bombay Snack MIx
Tregroes Savory Crackers
La Colombe Coffee (3oz)
Accidental Baker Crackers
Santa Fe Lidded Deep Hamper
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