Torres Iberian Ham Chips 50g (5-Pack)

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Imported from Spain, Torres Potato Chips are light and crispy with bold flavors. Fried in high-quality Spanish oil, the taste is unparalleled. Torres chips are the perfect snack for those with food sensitivities, as all flavors are free of gluten, traces of peanuts and other nuts, lactose, or egg products.

Flavored with real Iberian ham flavor. Intense and genuine flavor. Ideal for pairing with red wine.

Ingredient Info

  • Ingredients: Potatoes, sunflower oil, Iberian ham flavouring (2,66%) and salt.
  • Country of Origin: Spain
  • Vegetarian: Yes
  • Allergy Information: Does not contain gluten, traces of peanuts, or any other nuts. Does not contain lactose or egg products.
  • Net Weight: 5 x 50g each


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Best Chips Ever!!
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Mar 8, 2022
OK I found these while traveling and have been craving. So happy to find them on here. First I have to say that I am a complete fan of Iberian Ham, chops or whatever is available. After letting my friends try them I found that the ones who had never had the ham thought they tasted weird or spoiled, but the others that have had the ham loved them as much as I did. Everyone who that never had the pleasure of enjoying the ham and had the opportunity to get familiar with the rich flavor didn't like them. They expected them to taste like normal ham, which they definately don't. They are so much more. If you try them and don't like them don't give up. Buy yourself a little pack of Iberian ham. Trust me it will convert you. I can't wait to get my order!